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How entrepreneurs can overcome obstacles and create meaningful things

#003 - You need clear purpose, boundless energy, and relentless persistence to do notable things. The journey is not linear. Don't let that stop you.

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Creating meaningful things in a modern world

Many individuals aspire to create meaningful things. Yet, struggle to take the necessary steps to do it. They are cognizant of the boundless opportunities available, yet do nothing. This is not due to a lack of ability or a fear of failure. It's something far worse.

You might be at the wrong starting point

Many want to build great things. Unfortunately, the business opportunities available to young entrepreneurs are often not that. You've heard of models like dropshipping and Amazon FBA. These are perfect examples.

Yes, they work. Yes, they make money.

If money is your primary motivation, you can make these models work for you in the short term and earn thousands of dollars.

There are some people that this satisfies and that's great. Everyone is different and plays the game at different levels. Some pursue these things part-time, in tandem with their employment. Carry on. I'm not speaking to you here.

These entry-level businesses act as pacifiers, satisfying young entrepreneurs. They are distractions holding you back because they are unfulfilling, self-serving, meaningless endeavors.

Many will fail and end their journey here. Left uninspired.

This is unfortunate. Most do want to create something new. They want to innovate and change lives with original creations. They care about design and quality. They want to provide value and be well compensated for it. This is natural.

To be human is to create.

If you successfully built one of these businesses, parlay your newly acquired skills into an original idea that will generate long-term value for yourself and the world.

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Purpose breeds innovation

You need clear purpose, boundless energy, and relentless persistence to do notable things. The journey is not linear. The journey is, instead, a long winding path with many dead-ends. The creation of anything groundbreaking is difficult. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you, often trying to sell you something.

The reality is, doing innovative work and getting people to pay you for it, is hard. Very hard.

You can't expect some internet guru to walk you through the steps in an online course. You have to figure out most of the stuff on your own.

The people entranced by these money-making get-rich-quick schemes often achieve nothing. They often never complete the course they paid for.

They did just enough to never really do anything. They satisfied an itch without ever opening up a door to real purpose or obsession.

If you're a victim of this, it's not your fault, pivot but do not quit. Discover what you're meant to do.

If you fail to push through, you will die a consumer, nothing more.

Remove toxins to discover clarity

To discover your purpose and build original things, you need clarity.

There are two very challenging modern problems standing between you and clarity. Most of these things manifest as addictions that are extremely hard to change. You have to do the work to remove them. They siphon your energy/creativity.

#1 - Endless Scrolling

You've fried your dopamine receptors, my friend.

This is terrible for your motivation and creativity.

Every day you leave your brain with zero space to solve problems.

(which is what it is best at)

Instead, you're giving it an endless flow of context-switching. An overwhelming cocktail of surface-level ideas delivered one swipe at a time.

You pump your brain full of entertainment and educational content for hours on end.

Yet, you've learned nothing and left no space for actual ideation.

You must replace mindless scrolling with deep self-education.

Fill your brain with high-quality ideas, then give it space to work through them.

Learn how to think for yourself.

Replace short-form content with books, long-form videos, podcasts, and even research papers.

Develop real focus. Identify as a researcher.

Use this developed focus to become the best in the world at your thing.

Synthesize this knowledge into executable tasks. Take action on what you’ve learned.

#2 - Poison

Every day you fill your body with toxic chemicals. They are in your food and tap water.

Your body is wasting its energy every day fighting off these toxins you've subjected it to. This is energy that would otherwise help you take action toward your goals. These toxins are compounding in your body. They eventually manifest as sickness and disease later in your life.

You are being taken advantage of by greedy corporations. These corporations have no choice but to post a profit for their investors. You are a victim of this. They do not have a moral compass. They lack a true leader. You can not trust them.

The people in power want you to live your life this way, as a consumer. They want you sick and in hospitals. They want you alive enough to keep buying the products that put you there. This way you can continue taking their pharmaceuticals.

You were first subjected to this at a young age. Greedy corporations go so far as feeding babies industrial seed oils in formula. These seed oils cause genetic changes in the brain. For example, soybean oil reduces oxytocin, the love hormone. Imagine the effect this might have at scale on an entire society.

Dangerous ingredients can wreak havoc throughout your body. They annihilate your gut health over time, where your body creates precious neurotransmitters.

These neurotransmitters, like dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and acetylcholine must maintain balance. They change your mood and energy levels. They affect your perception of reality.

By destroying this balance inside you, they are effectively destroying "you". Many reading this may never know who "you" are without the toxins manipulating your emotions.

These are only the immediate changes. Next, you get autoimmune issues and attention deficit disorder.

Followed by many other, far worse things.

The truth is, the version of "you" looking back in the mirror every morning is a shell of what you could be, what you're meant to be... and it's not even your fault.

That’s no reason to stay that way though. Take back control.

Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette - Van Gogh

Why this matters deeply if you want to create meaningful things.

There are infinite opportunities available right now. More than ever before in history.

Yet, the obstacles are comparably endless, and increasing daily.

Simply getting to actually building and creating is nearly impossible now. Most will never get there. It takes hard focused work.

It's very clear that you have to remove these mental and physical roadblocks to take back control of your life. This is the only way that you can reach a point of uninhibited output, true execution of your life's purpose.

This is why my primary goal has shifted to something specific. Before, I focused on tangible goals and businesses. My new purpose is to help people find clarity by removing toxins.

People can unlock unbelievable levels of clarity. All they have to do is remove low-signal distractions and toxins. This clarity yields remarkable output, and yet that is only the beginning.

This is how you make a lasting impact on the world. An impact that pushes us forward like so many great leaders and founders have done that came before.

-J C